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Best Subscription Boxes 2020

monthly subscription boxes

Makeup | Beauty | Skin care | Brain | Fitness | Women | Men | Weight Loss | Snacks | Healthy Snacks | Cereal | Vegan 

The only thing better than buying your favorite health and wellness items is buying them on a regular basis so you can maintain your beauty, stay fit and eat a well balanced diet to keep you strong and healthy for many years to come. 

Best makeup subscription boxes

Find the top makeup subscription boxes and order your favorite makeup every month. 

Best beauty subscription boxes

Keep you looking gorgeous and youthful, this wide selection of beauty products are premium grade, green, and animal friendly.  

Best skin care subscription boxes

We searched the entire high and low to find you the most trusted brands offering skin care subscription boxes. 

Best Brain Supplement subscriptions

Now you can be mentally alert on demand with premium nootropics delivered to your home every month, that improve memory and keep you on top of your game. 

Best Fitness subscription boxes

The key to being fit is being consistent.  Our fitness subscription boxes are exactly what you need to keep the shape and feel healthy. 

Best subscription boxes for Women

Here is a list of popular subscription boxes for women outside the categories you see listed on this page.   

Best subscription boxes for Men

Men need to look sharp and smell nice, too! See the top subscription boxes suited for men. 

Best food subscription boxes

Meal delivery service right to your door. Who has time for cooking anymore? See the best food subscription boxes, an option for everyone in the family to enjoy.

Best Specialty diet subscription boxes

If you have food allergies or other dietary needs like meals for diabetics or other health issues that don’t allow you to consume the average diet, you can find a list of specialty diet foods that can be delivered to your door.  

Best Subscription boxes for weight loss

This is perfect for anyone looking to lose weight and want to eat a more healthy delivery service. 

Best snack subscription boxes

When you are on-the-go, or need something in between meals, these snack subscription boxes are perfect.

Best Healthy snack subscription boxes

Snacks on-the-go for the health conscious,  an easy way to avoid junk food and satisfy the cravings. 

Best vegan subscription boxes

Enjoy all your favorite vegan meals with the convenience of prepping and delivery being handled by us.  

Best Healthy cereal subscription boxes

It’s like eating your favorite cereal as a kid but this time it’s healthy. I don’t know how they do it. Let’s just call it magic.  

Makeup Subscription Boxes

Being a MakeUp Lover who refuses to compromise on quality shouldn’t be difficult.  Below, you will find our top picks best makeup subscription boxes.


Starting at $24

Babe Cosmetics offers unique beauty subscription boxes with over $100 of cosmetics and skin care products in every box shipped. Try your first month of BabeBox free with this link.  

Full-sized premium cosmetics
Exclusive and cruelty free.
$100+ of value in every box

“I love BabeBox!! This box is absolutely perfect. A new surprise every month. Always amazing products and full size. They try to give at least one product for each of your makeup needs. Face, eyes, lips, mask. Thank you BabeBox.”

Krystina H. 

Beauty Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular beauty subscription delivery kits

Allure Beauty Box

Starting at $23

Our favorite beauty box just got even better! Now including more full-size items with higher value. Expect to get over $100 in must-have beauty products every month for a fraction of the cost. 

Best value beauty box
Free bonus first month $253 value
Wide variety of products

Kinder Beauty Box

Starting at $23

We love this company because they care about the environment, are cruelty free and offer vegan, clean beauty at it’s finest. 

Vegan and cruelty free
Curated and hand selected
$100+ value first box

Skin Care Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular skin care subscription delivery kits

Codex Beauty

Starting at $15

Known for their high quality skin care, every item at Codex is carefully selected and designed to set a new standard for beauty. Each product is clinically tested, eco-friendly and leaves a negative carbon impact with it’s renewable sugar cane packaging. This company doesn’t just care about great skin; every move they make is designed to leave planet earth in better shape than they found it and this is why Codex is our #1 skin care subscription service. 

Premium grade skin care
Negative carbon impact
Renewable packaging


Starting at $19

FaceTory is dedicated to providing top rated skin care products that are innovative, reliable, affordable and cruelty free. Get half a dozen sheet masks and skin care products every month. Each product is tested by skin care experts to ensure quality and efficacy. 

Crafted with your skin in mind
Tested and tried by skin junkies
Free shipping orders $25+

Brain Supplement Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular brain boosting memory supplements that are clinically proven to help improve memory and clear brain fog. 

Alpha Brain

Starting at $30

We didn’t believe how insane Alpha Brain was until we tried it. We became instant believers and it is hands down the #1 brain supplement on the internet. Take advantage of 15% off with this link. 

Immediate clarity and alertness
Energy without the jitters
Recall thoughts and be articulate

Fitness Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular fitness subscription delivery kits

Fit Lifestyle Box

Starting at $24

This fitness subscription box was built for the man or women who is looking to stay healthy and active, achieve new fitness goals and stay on top of their game all year long. Find workout products, healthy snacks, fitness challenges, supplements and more in this fitness box delivered to your home every month.  

New fitness apparel
Healthy snacks to keep you active
Monthly workout challenges

Fab Fit Fun

Starting at $49

This company offers more than just a fitness subscription box but you can pick and choose the items of choice or at least products that fall under the wellness and health/fitness category. Switch it up any time you like with beauty, fashion and home products. 

More than just fitness
Select the items you want
$200 in value

Subscription Boxes for Women

Here are the most popular subscription delivery kits for women

If you know a woman looking for a fast way to whiten their teeth, check out this pain-free and powerful LED whitening experience you can do from your home in less than a week. We were thrilled with the results and we believe every women needs this teeth whitening subscription box.  See our full glowup review

LED Whitening experience
Fast acting and effective
Safe and pure way to get white teeth

Having an optimal keto diet so you can achieve your weight loss and diet goals is much easier when you use products specifically formulated to help you reach ketosis faster. MCT oil, healthy gut flora, plant based proteins that were built to help you reach your keto goals.  

Safe and healthy weight loss
Premium grade ingredients
Increase performance and energy

Subscription Boxes for Men

Here are the most popular subscription delivery kits for Men


Starting at $29

Built for the every day casual man who just needs a few necessary items every month with the option to upgrade for some of the finer things in life. In the premium box you find items like watches, high quality electronics, and premium leather goods, all designed to elevate your lifestyle.  

Two subscription options
4-6 items every quarter
Flexible with no commitments

Mantry Box

Starting at $75

Top American Artisan foods, hand picked, specially delivered to your door every month in a handmade wooden crate. It doesn’t get much manlier than this. Sourced from tasting 11,000 products over the last eight years. Dig in! 

America's best food products
11,000 foods tested
Exclusive items you've never tried

Monthly Food Delivery Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular monthly food subscription delivery services

Home Chef

Starting at $35

Order the exact ingredients you want when you want to get wholesome, healthy meals from our new menu every week. Different meal choices for different lifestyles and budgets so every one can enjoy eating with the family. 

Prep and cook what you want
New menu options weekly
Meals the family will enjoy

Hello Fresh

Starting at $39

As a frequent shopper at Hello Fresh, we are happy with the portion size, menu options, pricing and overall experience. With all the food delivery subscription services we tried, we are happiest with Hello Fresh. 

Food options for the whole family
Premium quality selections
Budget friendly meals

Special Diet Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular monthly subscription delivery services for specialty diets

Bistro MD

Starting at $15

Founded by a practicing-weight loss physician, Bistro MD is a leader ins fresh, natural ingredients, diabetic safe, USDA approved and endorsed by health experts that understand the importance of nutritionally balanced recipes. 

Gluten free available
Customize menus for health reasons
Gourmet inspired & prepared

With the belief that health food starts with healthy soil, Nutrition for Longevity grows their own food using regenerative farms and delivers meals weekly that are pure, clean, and healthy. 

Grown in regenerative farms
Meals delivered weekly
Healthy food from pure soil

Weight Loss Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular monthly subscription delivery services weight loss

Fast Bar

Starting at $39

A scientifically formulated snack you can eat without feeling the guilt. Introducing the first snack bar for intermittent fasting.  Great taste, high quality ingredients, backed by revolutionary and proprietary science. We were instant fans and many of our readers agree. 

Tastes great with low sugar
Scientifically formulated
Intermittent fasting bar


Starting at $39

BoomBod is a newer weight loss company with unique products to help you reach your weight loss goals. You will find gummies and weight loss shot drinks to be an effective and fun way to diet. 

Buy one get one free
Weight loss gummies
Weight loss shot drink

Snack Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular monthly snack subscription delivery services

Snack Box

Starting at $23

Never go to the store again. Rely on frequent delivery of your favorite snack foods. Curated snacks based on themes, seasons, and holidays. Get started with your snack sack today. 

10-15 items monthly
Several plans and snacks

Jerky Snob

Starting at $15

All natural premium grade jerky with no MSG, no nitrates or high fructose corn syrup. Only the best jerky delivered to your home or office every month.

Carefully selected premium jerky
Variety of subscriptions
New jerky options monthly

Health snack Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular monthly healthy snack subscription delivery services

Nature Box

Starting at $39

You can now eat your favorite snacks and deserts while avoiding the gluten and sugar. See our favorite junk food that is actually healthy with these curated, hand-selected food items delivered every month. 

Deceivingly healthy
Huge selection of snacks
Snack replace guarantee

Good Phyte Foods

Starting at $26

Get 8-20 grain-free, vegan bars in your favorite flavors delivered every month to your home or office. You will find only organic, no-sugar, vegan health snacks here. 

Vegan, paleo, grain-free
Multiple products to choose from
Local pickup available

Healthy Cereal Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular monthly healthy cereal subscription delivery services

Magic Spoon Cereal

Starting at $10

This is like eating your favorite sugary cereal when you were a kid but instead you’re eating vegetables.  Well, it’s something in between there. See why so many people have stopped buying cereal at the grocery store and switched to Magic Spoon. 

Same taste. Actually healthy.
Zero guilt for having two bowls
Kids cannot tell the difference

Three Wishes Cereal

Starting at $10

All your favorite flavors with less sugar and gluten free tasking like the cereals you remember as a kid. This is your healthy twist on a premium cereal experience. See why Three Wishes is loved by adults and kids! 

4 delicious flavors
Low sugar and grain free
Kids want this over the real thing

Vegan food Subscription Boxes

Here are the most popular monthly vegin food subscription delivery services

Vegin Out

Starting at $6

Nationwide Vegan food specialty delivery service with a menu that changes every month. Indulge in some of the best vegan soups, entrees, appetizers and desserts you might have lay your eyes on. 

Iconic dishes made vegan
No shortage of flavor and variety
Breakfast, lunch and dinner

Prana Vegan Foods

Starting at $39

All organic, all natural, all vegan snack food for those that can’t buy anything on the junk food isle. Get rid of the cravings with these delicious and healthy snacks that kids love, too. 

Organic and vegan
Wholesome plant-based snacks
Wide variety and selection