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Clean Slate ROOT

Introducing ROOT CLEAN SLATE, a groundbreaking solution that harnesses the power of Zeolite, a naturally potent detoxifying mineral, in an exclusive patent-pending formulation.

Clean Slate ROOT

Achieving wellness through detoxification

Through our exclusive patent-pending formulation, this cutting-edge solution aids in eliminating harmful toxins that attempt to overpower your cells. Consider it a fresh beginning for your body, as ROOT CLEAN SLATE helps rid it of unwanted substances, paving the way for renewed vitality and well-being. Experience the transformative effects of ROOT CLEAN SLATE and embark on a journey towards a cleaner, healthier you.

Naturally rids the body of toxins and promotes overall health and wellness
Ingredients work synergistically to facilitate passive cleansing of the body and stimulate pathways for healing and regeneration at a systemic level
Exclusive, patent-pending methods to activate the utility processes that convert nature's potent source into bioavailable silica, enriched with trace minerals and vitamin C
Clean Slate Zeolite Drops

Clean Slate Zeolite Drops

Pineal Gland Benefits

Pineal Gland Benefits

Clean Slate Detox Reviews

Clean Slate Detox Reviews

Clean Slate Zeolite Drops

Natural Detoxification for Enhanced Wellness

Clean Slate Zeolite Drops offer a natural and effective solution for detoxifying your body and promoting overall wellness. These innovative drops are formulated with Zeolite, a remarkable mineral known for its powerful detoxifying properties. By incorporating Clean Slate Zeolite Drops into your daily routine, you can support your body’s natural detoxification processes, helping to eliminate harmful toxins that can accumulate over time.

Using Clean Slate Zeolite Drops is simple and convenient. Just add a few drops to your favorite beverage or water and consume regularly. The drops work by attracting and trapping toxins within their unique molecular structure, allowing them to be safely eliminated from your body. This natural detoxification process can help improve your energy levels, enhance digestion, and support a healthier immune system.

Revitalize Your Cells with Clean Slate Zeolite Drops

Clean Slate Zeolite Drops are specifically designed to revitalize your cells and promote a clean and balanced internal environment. The potent Zeolite formula acts as a cellular sponge, absorbing and neutralizing harmful substances that may hinder your body’s optimal functioning.

When you incorporate Clean Slate Zeolite Drops into your wellness routine, you provide your cells with a fresh start. The drops aid in removing heavy metals, environmental pollutants, and other toxins that may accumulate in your body over time. By supporting cellular detoxification, Clean Slate Zeolite Drops can help boost your energy, improve mental clarity, and promote overall vitality.

To experience the benefits of Clean Slate Zeolite Drops, simply add a few drops to your preferred beverage or water daily. By making this small addition to your routine, you are taking a proactive step towards revitalizing your cells and achieving a cleaner, healthier you.

Support Your Body’s Natural Cleansing Process

Clean Slate Zeolite Drops work in harmony with your body’s natural cleansing process to promote overall well-being. Our bodies are constantly exposed to various toxins and impurities from the environment, food, and other sources. These toxins can accumulate and affect our health and vitality over time.

By incorporating Clean Slate Zeolite Drops into your daily regimen, you provide your body with a powerful tool for detoxification. The Zeolite formula acts as a magnet for toxins, helping to capture and remove them from your system. This natural cleansing process can support healthy digestion, improve nutrient absorption, and contribute to a stronger immune system.

Make Clean Slate Zeolite Drops a part of your wellness routine and empower your body’s natural cleansing abilities. Enjoy the benefits of enhanced well-being and vitality as you support your body in maintaining its optimal balance and function.

Pineal Gland Benefits

Enhancing Sleep and Circadian Rhythms

The pineal gland, a small gland located deep within the brain, plays a crucial role in regulating our sleep-wake cycles and overall circadian rhythms. By understanding the benefits associated with a well-functioning pineal gland, we can optimize our sleep patterns and promote better overall sleep quality.

When the pineal gland is functioning optimally, it produces and releases melatonin, a hormone that helps regulate our sleep-wake cycles. By promoting the production of melatonin, a healthy pineal gland can contribute to improved sleep onset, duration, and quality. This, in turn, supports our natural circadian rhythms, helping us maintain a consistent sleep schedule and wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Supporting Hormonal Balance and Mood

The pineal gland is intricately connected to the regulation of various hormones in our body, including serotonin. Serotonin, often referred to as the “feel-good” hormone, plays a vital role in maintaining our mood, emotions, and overall well-being. When the pineal gland functions optimally, it helps ensure an adequate production and release of serotonin, which can positively influence our mood and emotional balance.

Furthermore, a healthy pineal gland is involved in regulating other important hormones, such as melatonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine. These hormones contribute to our overall hormonal balance, which is essential for optimal physical and mental health. By supporting the health of the pineal gland, we can help maintain a harmonious hormonal environment, positively impacting our mood, emotional stability, and overall sense of well-being.

Facilitating Spiritual and Intuitive Experiences

The pineal gland has long been associated with spiritual and intuitive experiences. Often referred to as the “third eye,” it is believed to be the gateway to higher states of consciousness and spiritual awareness. When the pineal gland is functioning optimally, it may enhance our capacity for spiritual connection, intuition, and expanded awareness.

Many spiritual practices and traditions aim to activate and harmonize the pineal gland through meditation, visualization, and specific techniques. By nurturing the health of the pineal gland, individuals may experience a deeper sense of inner knowing, heightened intuition, and a greater connection to their spiritual journey.

Clean Slate Reviews

Are you curious about the experiences of others who have tried Clean Slate? Look no further! Our customers have shared their stories of how Clean Slate has transformed their well-being. From increased energy and improved digestion to mental clarity and an overall sense of vitality, their reviews speak volumes.

If you’re ready to discover the power of Clean Slate for yourself, we invite you to dive into the reviews below. Hear firsthand accounts of the positive impact Clean Slate has had on people’s lives and get inspired to embark on your own journey towards a cleaner, healthier you. Check out the reviews now and see what Clean Slate can do for you!

ROOT Clean Slate

4.9 Overall


The ROOT Brands is a health and wellness company with a mission focused on providing the ultimate all-natural solutions that deal with the ‘root’ underlying cause of an unfathomable number of health problems; heavy metal toxicity.


  • Natural antimicrobial that removes toxins and flouride from the body
  • Acts like Kryptonite against the most vicious viruses
  • One of the first things people notice on Clean Slate is improved sleep and more frequent dreaming
  • Feelings of spiritual expansion and access to higher Universal knowledge