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‘After 30 days sticking with X39 my shoulder got better by 80%’

In August 2017, I injured my right shoulder in a fall. Diagnosis: tear of 2 tendons For personal reasons, I refused an operation. Medical treatments and physical therapy until April 2018 did not improve at all. Almost any sleeping position caused me pain and I have not slept through a single night for months. In July 2018, I began to use X39 locally. Over 2 weeks I had no improvement again, but on day 18 my shoulder felt a bit lighter. After 30 days sticking with X39 my shoulder got better by 80% Since I swam regularly and competitively, it was extremely frustrating not having been in the pool once since almost one year. I will use X39 for another month and I am convinced that my shoulder will be 100% resilient and pain free afterwards.


‘X39 is amazing, above all expectations!’

I started my X39 test a week ago, and I am amazed by the results. Truly, I didn’t know what to expect…but the great effect hit me like a storm, from day-1! From the first day, and every day – I am very energetic, all day long, with no need for rest at all. My mind is focused, sharp and clear, all day long. When I go to the gym or work out at home – it feels like ‘flying’. Even when I am exhausted, after running 320 stairs, I quickly recover within 2 minutes. At night I fall asleep right away (don’t need a sleep patch anymore). Currently I enjoy a deep sleep of 7-8 hours, without any interruptions. I can’t eat big meals anymore. I enjoy vegetables, fruits, yogurt & nuts, etc. Light meals only, healthy food. I even started to lose some weight, and I feel great! My digestion is working great now, as never before. And one last thing: it seems like my nails are growing faster All of this happened to me in one week only! Now I continue using the X39, don’t want to stop.


The first time I am Pain Free after more than 10 years’

I had a lower back pain for more than 10 years. It is much worse when I am sitting in the airplane. Even after I took the pain killers. 2 hours later the pain wold come back unbearable. One day I brought this round little patch with me. It is called X39- It is a stem cells patch, completely natural, no chemicals. It activates my own stem cells. I put it on when I was in the airplane. The whole flight was with no pain at all. This is the first time after more than 10 years. It is amazing. When I flew back home I tried it again and still no PAIN. The most important thing is, it’s completely natural. Because my husband is a doctor he likes to use it for giving him energy. No money can buy PAIN FREE.


‘No pain… More Energy… Good Sleep’

I felt very good, no pain in my back and knees, overall more energy and good sleep. And it was that way from day one.


‘My skin is improving so much!’

I had some acne on my back that has totally 100% cleared up. Since using the X39, people are commenting I’m GLOWING lately.


‘They’re Amazing’

‘It is with joy that I share my experience on the X39 with the hope that it can be a stimulus for everyone! I’ve been using the X39 for now three weeks and they’re amazing! I can enclose them in one sentence: “to draw from an inexhaustible source of energy”. The energy is never lacking but living the day without feeling drops of tiredness, with a clear mind and a light out of the norm was really a discovery! Infinitely grateful to be able to share this wonderful opportunity with the world … that needs so much “Light” !!!’


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The Science Behind X39

Eliminate Your Pain & Suffering

Wake up every morning pain free and do what you love to do. 

Healthy Aging Support

Manage your days with less stress while supporting immune function reducing inflammation.

More Energy and Better Sleep

Natural and efficient way to endure the day without caffeine while also getting the best night of rest

Clearer Skin and Better Memory

Healthy skin with less wrinkles and remain at peak cognitive performance. 

How does Lifewave X39 Work?

Discover how the Lifewave X39 patented phototherapy technology activates your stem cells to provide specific health benefits like clearer skin, reduced pain, more energy, improved sleep and a stronger immune system. 

Choosing an X39 package that works best for you

When you buy from Lifewave, you have multiple options based on your budget and your needs. 

Retail customer: $149.95

It’s very easy to purchase as a retail customer. You will receive a sleeve (30) patches and can try the product out to see how it helps you manage your pain. 

Preferred customer: $99.95

If you love the product and want to buy every month, you can take advantage of a special discount every time you order. You also will receive free samples and extra perks for being a preferred customer.

Business Package: Starts $125

Even if you are just trying X39 patches for the first time, the best value is to buy the business package. You save $25 and you can earn an income by sharing the product with others. 

Additionally, you can buy the product at the discounted rate without having to buy every month. This is the best value for all customers, even if you are just wanting to give it a trial run. 


X39 Customer


Join today


Contains (1) LifeWave X39™ sleeve with 30 patches

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

More energy and better sleep, natural wound healing while maintaining healthy inflammatory response. 

Retail customer pricing $149.95

Preferred Customer


33% discount


33% off monthly subscription receives 30 patches a month

90 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

More energy and better sleep, natural wound healing while maintaining healthy inflammatory response. 

 Preferred customer 33% discount ($99.95)

Ambassador Deal


Discount + Income

starts at $125

Discount pricing without monthly autoship requirement

Earn weekly and monthly residual checks

Free website and marketing training plus get coaching from top income earner in the industry. 

Bronze package starts at $125. You receive product and a business center to earn commissions. Buying larger packages increases the quantity of product you receive in your first order. 


Patrick Moore X39 user since 2019

I stumbled across the Lifewave products while seeking out a natural and effective pain treatment solution for my tendinitis. After testing dozens of other products and paying for expensive medical procedures, The X39 patch has allowed me to continue working and golfing without pain everyday. 

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Lifewave or the X39 patch. I am happy to help! 

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