Lifewave X39 Stem Cell Patch Review: Worth the hype?

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What if the X39 stem cell patches was all you needed to get rid of your pain? I don’t know how much pain or discomfort you currently have, or if you know someone that is constantly in pain but I was so thrilled by the results I got with this patch that I had to tell my story. 

You may know what it’s like to be at your wits end with paying high priced medical professionals like chiropractors and massage therapists, with little noticeable improvement.

That’s where I was after thousands of dollars of racked up bills still dealing with pain on a daily basis. 

In the next few paragraphs, I will be sharing my experience with the Lifewave X39 stem cell patch and how it has reduced my pain 90% . 

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The Genesis

It all started in 2012, both my wrists became sore, and over the years, it worsened. I immediately assumed that due to my decade-plus experience behind the keyboard, I had developed Carpal Tunnel –numbness in the hand caused by pressure on the median nerve. I was wrong.

I started Icing my wrist daily while working from home as shown below.

Side note: You may notice the trackball mouse in the picture. That’s because that pain was so bad I couldn’t use a regular mouse. This mouse was more ergonomically friendly, and I still use it to this day. 

From seeking advice on facebook and the internet to massage therapist and a few different chiropractors, nothing was working. Thousands of dollars later and months of sessions with health specialists, I saw little to no reduction in pain or discomfort.

So I continued my research. 

I came across stem cell injections.

I was at first excited after hearing anecdotal stories about all the amazing benefits but then immediately disappointed to find out about all the legal hurdles for U.S. citizens.

Besides, it did not come cheap. I was still willing to consider it as a plan B because I was open to any ideas at this point.


Straw That Broke The Camel’s Back: Joe Rogan Emergency Podcast

While icing my wrist as usual, an emergency Joe Rogan podcast comes on with Mel Gibson, who had a very important story to share about how stem cells transformed him and his dad’s life.

I listened intently and became inspired by the miraculous health recovery and improved life that was offered through stem cell treatment. 

I couldn’t think about anything else. 

Fast forward six (6) months of using Lifewave X39 (update):

The first week using the X39 patch I started to notice a reduction in pain but was aware it could be some type of placebo/mind trick and continued monitoring my pain.

But then after the second week, something happened.

I noticed I was not wearing my ice pack as much and the pain had diminished significantly.

Like a 75% reduction.

After two weeks of wearing the patch every day for 11 hours each time, there was hardly any pain at all and I could type for over 30 minutes without icing my wrist.

I know this sounds crazy, considering I tried every conventional method in the book! 

But with my first order, I was noticing enough of a difference where  I knew I needed to keep buying these. 

How to use the Lifewave x39 Patch

At first, I put one x39 patch on my wrist or hand and switched back and forth each day depending on how the pain was. I looked into it a little more and people suggest you place the patch on the back of your neck or stomach.

Here is a couple images below so you can see best place to add patch. 


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the cost of the Lifewave X39 patch?

Cost is relative. It depends on if you want to be a preferred or regular customer. The former comes with some benefits. For the updated pricing you should check out Lifewave X39 stem cell patch

Personally, this patch has changed my life, and I encourage anyone who feels discomfort or pain to give it a try. You can spend $15,000 and hope stem cell injections work for you or spend $100 and test it out these patches. If you order every month, it will cost around $1200 a year.

I have calculated based on my needs it will cost me, on average, $400 a year to buy the Lifewave X39 patches to control and alleviate the pain.

The LifeWave x39 stem cell patch could be your solution. This non-transdermal patch offers innovative stem cell technology in a patch backed by research to help in many areas of your life.

Why Lifewave X39 patch?

Upon my research I found some of the benefits of the stem cell patch I will be sharing a couple below: 

  1. Stem Cell Patch Wound Healing

Wound healing in older customers utilizing the Lifewave x39 stem cell patch is the area is by far one of the most touted benefits of this patch. Stem cells are instrumental to the body’s ability to heal and grow new skin and recover damaged tissues. When injuries or wounds occur, is when adult stem cells are activated for their best work.

Unfortunately, with aging comes the reduction of activated stem cells, and longer healing times and wounds that remain open longer. By activating these stem cells utilizing the patches, it enhances the ability to heal faster and more efficiently from such injuries. Studies in this area, show up to a 90% increase in the speed by which wounds heal when the patch is at work.

  1. Pain Relief

The X39 LifeWave utilizes phototherapy to stimulate the skin to produce a variety of health benefits. Not the least of these is pain reduction, which has been recognized for many years to be side effects of radiation wavelengths in the 700 NM to 100,000+nm range. Lasers, lamps, and even some Japanese wraps have used this technology to relieve ailments in traditional healing methods. Now, all that fantastic technology is available in a patch by LifeWave. Numerous testimonials boast of instantaneous pain relief by customers. Of course, individual underlying pain symptoms, length of time experienced, and personal reactions will vary, but this is an expected result of these patches.

  1. Enhanced Energy

The LifeWave energy patches allow you to sustain your activity level throughout the day without addictive caffeine or other supplements. By activating cells and chemical reactions, these help support the body’s own natural energy-boosting defenses. Additionally, along with better sleep, pain reduction, and additional benefits, you will see the added energy reserves surface. These patches have been produced to use specific wavelengths of light reflected onto the skin’s surface to enhance energy.

  1. Sleep Benefits

Lifewave x39 patches can alter neurotransmitters in the brain, causing better length and quality of sleep. Neurosurgeon Dr. Norm Shealy’s research produced statistics on these patches of a 60% increase in sleep when using these as described. And remember, better sleep means you rise with more energy to tackle all those tasks you have been dreaming of getting complete.

Study results published on sleep benefits for the patches show significant changes in 17 amino acids and blood pressure during sleep studies. This can help with a feeling of overall better health, that sleep, along with all the other benefits of the patches, works in unison.

  1. Skin Health

X39 LifeWave patches stimulate new collagen through the activation of stem cells. This new collagen leads to reduced appearances of wrinkles, and overall healthier, younger-looking skin. Ultraviolet and other light therapies to improve people’s appearance have been found in literature dating back centuries.

Many studies also can be looked up and read through about light, and its health impact when introduced to the body. Now there is a lot of science jargon to weed through but proves validity to such claims in some degree or fashion. All that great science is now harnessed into a patch and helps to sustain a youthful glow.

  1. Anti-Aging Benefits

Along with younger-looking skin, the elevation of GHK-CU discussed earlier will have cells functioning like healthier cells of youth. Aeon is a patch that helps manage stress and minimize inflammation. These two decreases allow higher productivity, vitalized energy, and you act and feel young than ever thought possible. Introducing stem cell regeneration will enable us to stave off or even minimally reverse signs of aging.

One of the biggest killers of skin and aging factors can be inflammation under the eyes, joints, and elsewhere. Looking at this great benefit of these patches is essential for anti-aging benefits.

  1. Inflammation Kicker

GHK-CU has been studied for its anti-inflammatory properties. Now for a little science, the GHK-CU decreases TNF-alpha-dependent IL-6 secretions, and IL-6 can be anti-inflammatory or inflammatory. What does this suggest? CHK-CU can regulate IL-6 to an anti-inflammatory output, and thus reduce inflammation in the body.

With less inflammation, tissues, muscles, and joints, all work in a more fine-tuned, pain-free manner. GHK-CU has been proven to be a natural alternative for corticosteroids, which sometimes effectively carries high side effects with long-term use.

How Do The Patches Work?

By elevating the naturally occurring GHK-Cu peptides in your body, LifeWave X39 patches phototherapy brings about numerous benefits. GHK-CU is a peptide that naturally declines with age to the point where at age 60, a 60% drop of these peptides occurs in the human body. Reactivating this peptide can help support natural decreases in pain, stress, sleeplessness, and other amazing benefits.

There are several third-party clinical studies on GHK-CU that have been done supporting this theory. One such test on the liver showed new exposure of GHK-CU to older liver cells was proven to rejuvenate them to functioning like much younger cells.

LifeWave x39 Reviews

The research continues, and the data is there to back up the LifeWave claims, but what do actual customers say about the product? It has an overall Trustpilot rating of “Great” with 69 Lifewave stem cell patch reviews and is verbose in their praise. THIS PATCH WORKS screams out from the page from reviewers that have diseases, tried other organic solves, and severe pain due to injuries. Not every Lifewave x39 review boasts this as a miracle cure, but the desperation of people that have been through other supplements, treatments, and therapies ring loud and clear from these customers.

Many show you will need long-term use to see overall benefits. Others show immediate pain and inflammation support that makes them want to share their experiences. Natural healing options without needles, pain support from those who were incredulous, could help. Honest ones that said it wasn’t a miracle fix but with time worth the time and money investment supporting their ailments. If the scientists don’t sell you, the actual customer testimonials deserve your attention.

How to Order x39 Stem Cell Patch

You can purchase these online as a consumer, or for those interested in becoming a distributor, there is information available on the LifeWave website. Be sure you have done your research and know the patch you are interested in trying. The cost is $149.95, with 30 patches to a sleeve for that value.

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How to Put on LifeWave Stem Cell Patch

This is a one size fits all stem cell x39 patch placement. Based on the support you are hoping to achieve, from headache, back pain, or inflammation, there are various techniques for applying these patches. Several videos can be found online that shows the best application for your use. Remember, much like acupuncture placement of these patches is critical for the best results.

Additionally, remember these should be worn for 12 hours or less daily. Four days on and three days off, or every other day schedule of application is recommended for these patches.

Be sure the skin is dry, clean, and free of any obstacles. Much like a band-aid, the patch’s seal on the surface is essential to allow you to apply and forget. They can be used during physical activities and showering. Many of the side effects, as discussed, will be increased energy to rejoin activities that maybe were painful or just exhausting previous to using the patches.

Money Back Guarantee

There are not many things you can buy, especially dealing with your health and pain relief that are willing to offer some type of money back guarantee. Lifewave is different. They have a full 30 day risk free trial so you can always send back if you are not happy for any reason.


Like many health breakthroughs out there, when you first read about the x39 patch, it seems too good. Proficient reading and research prove that time and energy have been invested in bringing forth a stem cell activating patch to better our lives.

From stress reduction, better sleep, more energy, pain management, and a host of life-altering side effects for good, this patch has a record of offering fantastic health benefits.

The science is in the light, stem cells, and other chemical reactions caused by these patches to help facilitate the body’s cells to restart for a better, more active lifestyle.

Introducing them into your health routine should not be undertaken lightly or without reading through the research to ensure proper application, wear times, and set of expectations of results.

These patches bode a second glance for those seeking an excellent natural alternative to creams, therapies, and even treatments for various ailments.

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