Looking at the Lifewave line of health products, we wanted to know why so many people are buying Lifewave and if there are any real differences compared to the other health products that can be purchased over the counter or when recommended by your doctor.

How to combat pain and promote healing without wrecking the body from the side effects of drug protocols or invasive surgery. Medical science has been addressing these problems throughout the ages.

Lifewave patches offer hope to sufferers by harnessing the natural beneficial reactions of light and heat to new cutting-edge technology.  

Lifewave patches

Pain relief patches are not new and have been used in pain relief for humans and animals for some time. They work by skin contact (transdermal) and direct absorption of analgesic medications into the body.

Likewise, phototherapy, utilizing the healing power of light, has been understood and used in various ways for many years.

Laser therapy is one such use which has gained popularity in recent years. Lifewave products are different.

Their innovative patented phototherapy nanotechnology, connecting the power of natural body heat with light, has produced patches that are non-transdermal, drug, and chemical free.

Does Lifewave work?

Lifewave phototherapy patches have caused a stir in the medical profession. Dr. Paul J. Christo of the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, a distinguished specialist in chronic pain relief, featured Lifewave on his radio program.

Discussions with the inventor of Lifewave’s icewave patch, David Schmidt, and Suzanne Somers, a cancer survivor, an advocate of the technology, indicated positive results.

There is more than one type of patch so responses differ. The X39 is a stem cell product that has had sizable positive feedback from athletes and other uses.

All the patches are aimed at reducing pain and inflammation as well as delivering other physical and mental benefits. The company continues to collate testimonials in support of their ground-breaking products

Is Lifewave legit

This is a world-wide organisation established in 2004, renowned for health and wellness products free from stimulants like caffeine, drugs, or injectables (no Botox/fillers).

Dr. Cristo’s program mentioned that Lifewave’s nanotechnology has been subject to extensive tests. Lifewave features on social media platforms as a legitimate MLM (multi-level-marketing) company and there are countless testimonials supporting the efficiency and legitimacy of the Lifewave products.

Lifewave review

There appear to have been a very high number of positive reviews of the Lifewave thermal patches and also to the stem cell product.

Sufferers of long-term pain and inflammation from various medical problems, or resulting from accident or sports injuries, claim noticeable relief after using the patches.

Additionally, many note other benefits to the body such as increased strength and vitality, improved skin condition, faster wound healing, and better sleep patterns.

Images of successful sports stars and athletes at the 2008 Beijing Olympics wearing Lifewave patches add to the largely encouraging reviews of individuals.

How do Lifewave Patches work?

Thermal patches were developed by Lifewave using nano-phototherapy. Their CEO explains that the technology uses tiny crystals embedded into the patches placed on the skin.

This in turn causes a reaction to certain wavelengths of light to the natural infrared heat of the body.  

No drugs or chemicals penetrate the skin, yet this natural reaction results in the stimulation of nerves that produces a rapid reduction in inflammation and pain.

The X39 patch was developed to stimulate stem cells in the body that are responsible for healing damaged tissue.

Many advocates of the X39 claim extraordinary pain relief and swift wound healing.

Are Lifewave patches safe?

The Lifewave marketing company has established a global reputation for health and wellness products entirely free of drugs, chemicals, and artificial stimulants.

The patches are composed of organic materials, non-transdermal and hypoallergenic, and can even be effective when placed above clothing for extra sensitive skin types.

Furthermore, without the need for injections or surgery, the products are cost-effective and safe.

Is LifeWave FDA approved?

The company is registered with the FDA. The products are FDA approved under certain classifications.

As the patches are made from organic materials and sealed inside polymer casing they are listed as GRAS i.e. — Generally Recognised as Safe.

What is a stem cell patch?

Stem cells are the base cells that can divide into other cells in the muscle or brain that form part of the repair system of the body. As the body ages, the activity of stem cells diminishes, making it more difficult for the body to heal itself.

Stem cell (regenerative) therapy, whereby younger cells are transplanted to replace older ones, is still at the experimental stage and awaiting approval in some countries.

However, results from tests on animals and other organisms do indicate that this therapy will be effective in improving the repair system of the body.

Lifewave patches cost

Lifewave has a variety of patches depending on your needs. The most popular patch is the X39 patch which starts at $149 for a 30 day supply. Preferred customers can get cheaper pricing along with additional perks. 

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How to buy Lifewave patches wholesale

You can buy Lifewave products as a consumer and get retail pricing or you can get wholesale pricing by signing up for a business package and becoming a wholesale member with access to discounts and extra benefits. 

There are no monthly requirements when you buy a business package and you can earn revenue for sharing the Lifewave product line. 

Lifewave scam

If you are wondering if Lifewave is a scam, I can understand your concerns. There are so many illegal scams and pyramid schemes but I assure you, based on our research and experience, Lifewave is not a scam.  

The products are fantastic, effective, thoroughly tested and get positive feedback from the customers and members. It has been a great opportunity with solid products and is financially rewarding. 

Lifewave how to join

If you want to buy the Lifewave products or join the Lifewave opportunity, you are at the right spot. 

There is additional coaching and training from top marketing experts for anyone who wants to be successful with the Lifewave opportunity. 

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