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The ROOT Brands Overview

Heavy metal toxicity is a serious problem, but there are few solutions available.

Most people don’t know they have heavy metal toxicity and those who do often struggle to find effective solutions.

ROOT Brands offers the best all-natural solution for heavy metal toxicity, so they’re safe to use on your body without any harmful side effects.

Inside the formulated detox supplement, you will find charcoal, bentonite clay, zeolite powder, activated charcoal and more. These are some of nature’s most powerful detoxifying agents used by ancient cultures for centuries to improve health and increase longevity!

Powerful and Holistic Health Regimen

Passive systemic removal and detoxification of heavy metals, organic pollutants, glyphosate, viral particles, mold, and more

Deep Cleaning of Cells

Removes heavy metals + other environmental toxins from the body

Decalcifies the Pineal Gland

Improves the supply of oxygen + powerful detox agent against viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens, and environmental toxins

The ROOT Brands MISSION w/ Dr. Christina Rahm Cook

A holistic approach to health & wellness that takes a ‘Root level approach.

Ready to start removing the heavy metals from your body and decalcify your pineal gland NOW?

There is no better way to eliminate your toxin load + live a long, healthy and happy life…

ROOT: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) – with Dr. Dori and Clayton Thomas

Learn how Clean Slate & Zero-In can change your life + help you feel AMAZING!

ROOT Outcomes / Testimonial Tuesdays

Every Tuesday The ROOT Brands hosts a webinar featuring incredibly educational testimonials.

I can now say that my pain is 95% gone!

I have had a long history of heavy metal toxin exposure from working as a Boilermaker and before that a Steel worker.

This had caused me to suffer from a nasty type of peripheral neuropathic/nerve pain for many years and it was something I could not see getting better, in fact it was only getting worse.

But after one month of detox, using a specially formulated zeolite based detox drops solution I can now say that my pain is 95% gone!

And I have more for you than just a first hand report based on my subjective experience, have collected scientific data by doing three urine analysis lab tests to detect what was getting excreted through this detox process. And just wow… the progress I made over three subsequent tests made through the course of not even a month is remarkable to say the least.

– Glynn Burr

Review the images below to see the lab results from his three urinalysis tests…